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Real Human Skulls

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  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-f
Osteology Warehouse | Real Human Skull F

    This is a female real human skull. The zygomatic arch on the right side is broken (see photos.) Cranial sutures are completely unfused. The orbits are undamaged and have not thinned much with age. 

  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-m
Osteology Warehouse | Real Human Skull M

    This real human skull is an edentulous geriatric male. The calvarium is uncut and the mandible is not attached to the cranium. The patina is a bright white color. 

  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-k
Osteology Warehouse | Real Human Skull K

    This is a female real human skull with some dentition intact. Its most interesting feature is that what would be the left and right parietal bones are unified in one plate, while the sutures where this parietal plate...

  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-g
Osteology Warehouse | Real Human Skull G

    Large real human skull with spring-loaded, detachable mandible. Calvarium is uncut. The lacrimal bone on the left side is damaged (see photos). Most loss of dentition was post-mortem.

  • Osteology Warehouse | Real Human Skull J
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-j

    This is an uncut, unarticulated female skull with a dark patina. The skull has a high nasal ridge. The complete dentition and lack of fusion of cranial sutures indicate a younger individual. Orbits are intact and in good...

  • Osteology Warehouse | Real Human Skull B
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-b

    This is a female real human skull with a pronounced maxillary protrusion. The dentition is nearly complete; only the maxillary molars on the left side are missing. There is some tooth decay and chipping. The mandible is...

  • Zane Wylie carved real human skull front close-up photo
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/zane-wylie-carved-real-human-skull.html

    This is an original Zane Wylie carved real human skull. Zane Wylie creates one-of-a-kind, elaborate carved designs using real human skulls. His "Papa Midnight Voodoo Skull" was featured in the 2014 NBC TV Series Constantine...