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Real Human Skulls

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  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-q
Osteology Warehouse | Real human skull Q

    A thick, heavy adult cranium weighing 1 lb 10 oz. The top of the skull has several bony bumps and the back of the skull has a flat area surrounding the parietal foramina. 

  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-t
Osteology Warehouse | Real Human Skull T

    This is a large, heavy real human skull. This skull is male and shows development consistent with an individual in early adulthood to early middle age. The cranium is unusually thick, and there is a bony lump or protrusion...

  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-s
Osteology Warehouse | Real Human Skull S

    This is an uncut, unarticulated female real human skull. It exhibits mostly-intact dentition. The advanced fusion of the cranial sutures suggests an older individual, perhaps age 40-60.

  • Zane Wylie carved real human skull front close-up photo
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/zane-wylie-carved-real-human-skull.html

    This is an original Zane Wylie carved real human skull. Zane Wylie creates one-of-a-kind, elaborate carved designs using real human skulls. His "Papa Midnight Voodoo Skull" was featured in the 2014 NBC TV Series Constantine...