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Real Human Skulls

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  • Real Human Skeleton MO

    Cranium is in good condition, lightly worn, mandible not included. Zygomatic bone under left eye socket broken. Moderate wear on maxilla. 

  • Real Human Skull GP

    This real human skull is in excellent condition. Includes non-articulated mandible, pronounced zygomatic structures along with exposed dental cavities along the maxilla.

  • Real Human Skull SF

    This real human skull includes mandible containing a few molars and pre-molars. Intact yet thin pallet, intact yet broken septum, Zygomatic and frontal structures in good shape, most likely female. Bite aligns well. Good...

  • Real Human Skull SC

    This real human skull top features a  sagittal cut to display its interior with clear view of nasal and sinus cavities. Poor dentition, lower jaw not included. Original hardware, overall in great condition.

  • Real Human Skull V

    This real human skull features an especially rare, fused vertebrate. Along with intact styloid process and occipital condyle. A horizontal, pre-mortem fracture along the maxilla with exposed aveolar margins makes this skull...

  • Osteology Warehouse | Real human skull N
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-n

    This real human skull features excellent dentition and a dark patina. The mandible is removable. There is a large hole on the left side of the skull offering visual access to the interior of the cranium. Horizontal...

  • Osteology Warehouse | Real human skull O
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-o

    This is a male real human skull with excellent dentition. The calvarium and the mandible are both removable. The maxillary third molar (wisdom tooth) on the left side did not descend and is severely impacted horizontally...

  • Zane Wylie carved real human skull front close-up photo
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/zane-wylie-carved-real-human-skull.html

    This is an original Zane Wylie carved real human skull. Zane Wylie creates one-of-a-kind, elaborate carved designs using real human skulls. His "Papa Midnight Voodoo Skull" was featured in the 2014 NBC TV Series Constantine...