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Real Human Skulls

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  • Osteology Warehouse | Real human skull B
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-b

    This is a male real human skull in moderate condition. The mandible is not available.

  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-r

    This real human skull is thick and heavy, with a pronounced maxillary protrusion. The skull is most likely male. Orbits and nasal conchae are intact.

  • Osteology Warehouse | Real human skull F
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-f

    This is an unarticulated male real human skull. It features unusual osseous growths or lesions in the exterior of the cranium, possibly as a result of untreated syphilis.

  • Osteology Warehouse | Real human skull D
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-d

    This real human skull is articulated, however the mandible is removable. The calvarium is uncut. Some dentition remains although this is a geriatric specimen. Tooth loss was primarily antemortem.

  • Osteology Warehouse | Real human skull A
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-a

    This real human skull exhibits partial dentition. The orbits and nasal conchae are intact. It is unarticulated and the cranium is uncut.

  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-p

    This real human skull is sliced along the saggital plane and opens on a hinge at the back of  the cranium, exposing the sinuses, nasal conchae, and the interior of  the cranium to inspection. The skull is held...

  • Osteology Warehouse | Real human skull J
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-j

    This real human skull is in good condition. All incisors were lost antemortem, and the skull features a removable rudementary denture that replaces the mandibular incisors. There is some deterioration of the lacrimal bones...

  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/real-human-skull-g
Osteology Warehouse | Real human skull G

    This is a beautifully-articulated female real human skull in excellent condition. It features complete dentition and a removable calvarium, which opens to expose the intercranial space. Both of the delicate temporal styloid...

  • Osteology Warehouse | Calvarium Cut Articulated with Case
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/calvarium-cut-articulated-with-case

    This is an articulated real human skull with its original carrying case included. The calvarium is removable, allowing inspection of the intercranial space. The skull represents a smaller adult male. The damage to the...

  • Zane Wylie carved real human skull front close-up photo
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-human-skulls/zane-wylie-carved-real-human-skull.html

    This is an original Zane Wylie carved real human skull. Zane Wylie creates one-of-a-kind, elaborate carved designs using real human skulls. His "Papa Midnight Voodoo Skull" was featured in the 2014 NBC TV Series Constantine...