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Real Skeletons

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  • Anura

    This painstakingly articulated, natural-bone toad skeleton is mounted on a finished wood base. It comes with a protective plexiglass cover. Toads are toothless anphibians, native to every continent except Australia and...

  • Columbidae

    Pigeons, like all birds, have light, hollow bones to facilitate flight, making the skeleton very fragile. One prominent feature of the pigeon's skeletal structure is the sclerotic ring around the eye. Mammals lack...

  • Real human skeleton humerus ulna end osteologywarehouse.com
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-skeletons/real-human-arm-bones-humerus-ulna.html

    This is a matching pair of two sets of human arm bones, articulated at the elbow joint with aluminum hinges. Three bones compose the skeletal structure of the human arm: the humerus, the radius, and the ulna. The radii are...

  • Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-skeletons/articulated-hand
Osteology Warehouse | Articulated hand, right

    Complete right hand, articulated - 27 bones in total.

  • Real Articulated Painted Human Skeleton Anatomy Right
Product URL: www.osteologywarehouse.com/real-skeletons/real-articulated-painted-human-skeleton-anatomy-model.html

    This beautifully articulated real human skeleton is in excellent condition. Individual bones have been labeled and hand-painted with muscle attachments. The extremities are removable, as is the calvarium. The skeleton is...